The group entered the mansion after hints to use against witches, and the story goes on...

Quest Details Edit

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 7 7 100-140 Longsword +2 Knight's Shield +2 (C) Alchemist Lv4 (Earth)
2 7 7 100-140 Jade Bracelet +2 Full Plate Armor +2 (C) Libra Witch Lv4 (Water)
3 7 7 100-140 Magician Clothes +2 Whip +2 (C) Demon Lv4 (Fire)
4 7 7 100-140 Magic Shield +2 Knife +2 (C) Chronos Lv4 (Wind)
5 7 7 100-140 Apron +2 (C) Omohikane Lv4 (Water) (C) Sarasvati Lv4 (Fire)
Boss Scorpio Guard (HP: 23000) (UC) Rukia of Jade Blade Lv1 (Wind)
  • No entry yet
Navi's quotes at ending
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Battle Maiden Navi Icon

- Sir Knight! I've found something big!

- This old book talks of how to defeat witches!

- It seems that witches, when exposed to strong sunlight, will turn to ash!

- For supposedly immortal witches, this is really quite a simple weakness.

- The witches seems to be in a secret room hidden at Heroes'Cemetery behind this Abandoned Mansion. Let's find them and take back the treasure.

List of Mega Bosses you can encounter
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Mega Bosses Icon
Anywhere you go, Mega Bosses you can encounter is only determined by the last quest you have access to.

Previous Quest: Fountain of Spirits (11) Next Quest: Heroes' Cemetery (13)

Novice Plains - Departure Highroad - Sunshine Forest - Valley of Boiling Sand - Windy Cave - Forest of Morning Fog - Temple of the Water Spirits - Coast of Twilight - Mirage Tower - Sacred Mountain of Drifting Snow - Fountain of Spirits - Abandoned Mansion - Heroes' Cemetery - Witches' Habitat - Colorful Crystal Cave - Lost Ship of Temptation - Ancient Underwater Heritage Site - Paradise of the Strong - Purgatory Boundary - Crossroads to the Outside World - Altar of the Fallen God - Towell Sky Fortress - Devil's Tower - Secret Library Room - Cave Loophole - Blue Limestone Cave - Tower of Heat Haze - Coast of Dusk - Otogi Crisis - Forest of Dancing Phoenix - Hills of the Moon - Abandoned Mine - Witches' Castle - Lost Beach - Rocks of Enlightenment - Red Lotus Volcanic Zone - Chocola's Castle - Cave of Despair - Big Underground Hollow - Forgotten Underground City - Hall of Gimure

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