Celestial Maiden Yukina Icon Celestial Maiden YukinaEdit

Element Critical Balance Skill Rank Cost Evolution Attack Skill
Type Initiative MP Cost LVL 1 LVL Max LVL 1 LVL Max
Water 6 4 Magic 24% 80 SR 32 N 1500 4146 4600 14517
SR+ 38 2S 1950 5389 5980 18872
2M 2628 7263 8422 26579
SR++ 46 4S 2354 6506 7222 22792
4B 3236 8944 10398 32816
4M 3612 9983 11938 37676
Exploration Skill Combat Strength +(2000/4000/6000)
Skill Name God of Storm
Where to acquire Card Lottery
Lottery Miles Exchange
Sale price (N/+/++) 9600/?/?
N Oh you are kinda cute.... I'd play with you, a little boy. Come here....
+ Nooot yet... I'm a bit shy, too.. But when you become a man.. Okay?
++ Oh I'm so happy... Come here, my boobs are really soft you know... Come here!!
Celestial Maiden Yukina Icon Celestial Maiden Yukina
Maiden of Rain Yukina Icon Maiden of Rain Yukina
Celestial Maiden Yukina
Celestial Maiden Yukina(1)
Celestial Maiden Yukina(2)

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