The group amused after looking upon the legendary tower and decided to search info about the witches weakness

Quest Details Edit

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 8 8 155-195 Holy Robe +7 Rapier +7 (C) Alchemist Lv6 (Earth)
2 8 8 155-195 Vampire Guard +7 Agate Bracelet +8 Moon Wand +7
3 8 8 155-195 Earth Garment +7 Axe +8 (C) Masked Fairy Lv6 (Water)
4 8 8 155-195 (C) Salamander Lv6 (Fire) Breastplate +8 (C) Motionless King Lv10 (Fire)
5 8 8 155-195 Diamond Bracelet +7 Long Wand +8 (C) Sparrow Swordsman Lv6 (Wind)
Boss Guard Machine (HP: 64000) (R) Blue Shil of Mercy Lv1 (Water)
  • No entry yet
Navi's quotes at ending
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Battle Maiden Navi Icon

- Oh, Sir Knight! Here, here!

- It seems that it's inside this tower!

- ... It's chilly and dark inside, isn't it...

- I'm sure there are books on the highest floor of this library which contain the lost wisdom! Let's do our best and climb to the top!

List of Mega Bosses you can encounter
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Mega Bosses Icon
Anywhere you go, Mega Bosses you can encounter is only determined by the last quest you have access to.

Previous Quest: Towell Sky Fortress (22) Next Quest: Secret Library Room (24)

Novice Plains - Departure Highroad - Sunshine Forest - Valley of Boiling Sand - Windy Cave - Forest of Morning Fog - Temple of the Water Spirits - Coast of Twilight - Mirage Tower - Sacred Mountain of Drifting Snow - Fountain of Spirits - Abandoned Mansion - Heroes' Cemetery - Witches' Habitat - Colorful Crystal Cave - Lost Ship of Temptation - Ancient Underwater Heritage Site - Paradise of the Strong - Purgatory Boundary - Crossroads to the Outside World - Altar of the Fallen God - Towell Sky Fortress - Devil's Tower - Secret Library Room - Cave Loophole - Blue Limestone Cave - Tower of Heat Haze - Coast of Dusk - Otogi Crisis - Forest of Dancing Phoenix - Hills of the Moon - Abandoned Mine - Witches' Castle - Lost Beach - Rocks of Enlightenment - Red Lotus Volcanic Zone - Chocola's Castle - Cave of Despair - Big Underground Hollow - Forgotten Underground City - Hall of Gimure

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