Ice Killer Maid Hyoka Icon Ice Killer Maid HyokaEdit

Element Critical Balance Skill Rank Cost Evolution Attack Skill
Type Initiative MP Cost LVL 1 LVL Max LVL 1 LVL Max
Water 12 14 Physical 28% 80 R 16 N 720 3032 2200 9072
R+ 19 2S 936 3942 2860 11794
2M 1470 6191 4454 18368
R++ 23 4S 1129 4258 3304 11735
4B 1825 6883 5526 19628
4M 2275 8581 6690 23762
Exploration Skill Cost Reduction by (10/15/20)%
Skill Name War Commandments
Where to acquire Exploration: Ishue Sanctuary - Holy Land of Rajack (Great Success)
Normal Lottery
Card Lottery
Lottery Miles Exchange
Sale price (N/+/++) 3600/7200/10800
N "Master, My name is Hyoka. A new maid to serve you from now. Nice to meet you"
+ "Master, your tea is ready. By the way, I'm also ready but why aren't you ready?"
++ "What? I haven't changed at all... Just always... I'll serve you. Yes, eternally."
Ice Killer Maid Hyoka
Ice Killer Maid Hyoka(1)
Ice Killer Maid Hyoka(2)

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