It's a page to comment, give ideas, state your personal opinions about the wiki and add what interests or not you on the wiki though. How do you think it may get better, things like this. Comment/edit this with your ideas and let's discuss.

If it's some new change or addition through the edit from this page, post down here with this format:

[Username here on Wiki] - [Name of the Suggestion using bold]

[Text explaining it/giving the pros and cons of it on your opinion]

People will comment and i'll follow their opinions down and check the matter.

Aaeryn - Tyding up the Items's page Edit

  • Since you can get them from the main page, but not on the equipement (list) page, I wanted to add a link to the equipement/equipement's list from the item page.
  • Since it's copy pasted from the in game help, it's just plain text. It's looks greats there, but are simply ugly on a wiki (My (Aaeryn) opinion there), so I'd love to rephrase it a bit. And make it a bit prettier (I'll fail the second part, but I'll still try)
  • Add a where to get item
  • Since most of them came from login reward, add a login reward's list (I'll need a bit of help there)

Aaeryn - The main page Edit

  • Since we can't edit it, we can't update the patch note, could someone do that ? :3
  • Since it links to most of the important pages, and is like a summary of the wiki for the new player, having a link to the Matches pages would be great.
  • It should be easy to reach every important pages from the main page (right now, the equipement/matches pages aren't that accessible. Adding a link to the matches page and editing the Item's page to link to the equipements was the what I wanted to make. It's )

Aaeryn - The quest's pages Edit

  • I think having notes on quest, when usefull (like, for exemple, start/or end of mega boss spawn, if the quest is great for farming exp/money/etc)
  • Also, I think having Gila cost (and exp gain for card, when applicable) after each item/card name could be good (it's like that on the japanese wiki)

Wanted: Missing Card ImagesEdit

The following images are still missing in this wiki. If anyone has these cards, please take a screenshot in the card album and upload them. It would be greatly appreciated.



  • A summary about missing pages, with referral links, is here : Special:Insights/wantedpages
  • There's no information about Enemy Defense anywhere
UPDATE: I put a short... blurb... about defense in Status Points haha. -ValkyrieWiki

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