Mage of Explosion Lamia Icon Mage of  Explosion LamiaEdit

Element Critical Balance Skill Rank Cost Evolution Attack Skill
Type Initiative MP Cost LVL 1 LVL Max LVL 1 LVL Max
Fire 15 12 Magic 26% 40 UC 8 N 1110 2971 1500 4132
UC+ 10 2S 1442 3860 1950 5372
2M 1926 5155 2626 7234
UC++ 12 4S 1742 4663 2354 6485
4B 2370 6344 3234 8909
4M 2628 7035 3606 9934
Skill Name Explosion
Exploration Characteristics No skills
Where to acquire Normal Lottery
Quest - Ancient Underwater Heritage Site, Stage 5
Quest - Heroe's Cemetery, Boss
Quest - Witches'Habitat, Boss
Quest - Colorful Crystal Cave, Boss
Quest - Lost Ship of Temptation, Boss
Megaboss Rank 6 - Fire Evil Eye (main reward)
Sale price (N/+/++) 1200/2400/3600
N I hate sun... It's too healthy... Night time is way better... Don't you get turned on?
+ I'm a bit rusty.. Yeah well.. YOU! What about tonight? ..Hey.. Not into it?
++ IT WAS GREAT! SO GREAT! Nothing to worry about in you. You've got a sever quota so get it on now!
Mage of Explosion Lamia
Mage of Explosion Lamia(2)
Mage of Explosion Lamia(3)

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