Nine Tails, Summer Fox icon Nine Tails, Summer FoxEdit

Rarity : Rare    |    Type : Magic

Element Crit. Bal. Skill Rank Cost Evo. Attack Skill
Init. MP LVL 1 LVL Max LVL 1 LVL Max
Fire 50 3 10 35% 80 R 16 N 1730 4927 2470 6817
R+ 19 2S 2248 6402 3210 8859
2M 3060 8714 4326 11939
R++ 23 4S 2715 7732 3877 10697
4B 3771 10739 5326 14699
4M 4233 12055 5943 16402
   Show Legend   
  • Element X: Increase damage of the card by X% against enemies with a weakness on Element.
  • Critical: Percentage chance to trigger a critical hit (ignore enemy defense).
  • Balance: Damage variance in percent, above and below the displayed attack/skill values.
  • Initiative: Percentage chance to trigger the skill attack.
  • MP Use: MP used on your character when the skill of the card is triggered.
  • Cost: Charisma points required to field the card on your team (also used to calculate exploration cost).
  • Evolution: Learn more about evolving possibilities here.
  • Attack: Base damage when initiative fail to trigger the skill.
  • Skill: Base damage when initiative successfully trigger the skill.
  • Red&Bold numbers: Highest attack/skill damage obtainable through evolution.

Level Max R: 45 / R+: ? / R++: ?
Skill Name Fire Tail Shell
Exploration Skill none
Sale price R: 4000G / R+: 8000G / R++: 12000G
H-Scene ? Unlocked on R++ status
Where to acquire ?

[Finished]Time Limited Mega Boss : Ironclad (Main/Support reward)

Japanese wiki links 常夏の九尾狐
Card N Phew, look what you've done, Sir Knight, bringing me to a place this hot. If I knew it'd be like this, I would have brought a swimsuit.
Card Nplus Hehehehe, Sir Knight, it's no good to compliment me. If I really tried I could make you into a beautiful corpse in a minute.
Card N2plus That seems like a nice technique, Sir Knight. You wanna try and see if you can't get it up for me?
Nine Tails, Summer Fox icon Nine Tails, Summer Fox
Nine-Tailed Fox Icon Nine-Tailed Fox
(R) Nine Tails, Summer Fox Nine Tails, Summer Fox+ Nine tails, summer fox++
0362 0363 0364

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