Pham of Crimson Flame Icon Pham of Crimson FlameEdit

Rarity : UC    |    Type : Magic

Element Crit. Bal. Skill Rank Cost Evo. Attack Skill
Init. MP LVL 1 LVL Max LVL 1 LVL Max
Fire 50 10 10 36% 40 UC 8 N 720 1659 1700 4411
UC+ 10 2S 936 2578 2210 6950
2M 1194 3289 2922 9189
UC++ 12 4S 1129 3110 2668 8390
4B 1551 4273 3838 12070
4M 1693 4664 4284 13473
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  • Element X: Increase damage of the card by X% against enemies with a weakness on Element.
  • Critical: Percentage chance to trigger a critical hit (ignore enemy defense).
  • Balance: Damage variance in percent, above and below the displayed attack/skill values.
  • Initiative: Percentage chance to trigger the skill attack.
  • MP Use: MP used on your character when the skill of the card is triggered.
  • Cost: Charisma points required to field the card on your team (also used to calculate exploration cost).
  • Evolution: Learn more about evolving possibilities here.
  • Attack: Base damage when initiative fail to trigger the skill.
  • Skill: Base damage when initiative successfully trigger the skill.
  • Red&Bold numbers: Highest attack/skill damage obtainable through evolution.

Max level UC: 30 / UC+: 40 / UC++: 40
Skill name Napalm Flare (ナパームフレア)
Exploration skill none
Sale price R: 1,200G / SR+: 2,400G / SSR++: 3,600G
H-scene Unlocked on UC++ Rank
Where to acquire

Exploration C1 Kodau Plain - Hantata Fountain (Lv5, Great Success)
[ENDED] Time Limited Quest Summer Love! Stage 17 (Lv15)
[ENDED] Time Limited Quest Idols' Festa 2nd Stage 16 (Lv15)
[ENDED] Time Limited Quest Halloween Town Stage 17 (Lv15)

※ Rebirth Japanese game: no
Japanese wiki link 紅焔のファム / Google Translate

Card N kkkkkkkk... So you are the knight. The blood of evil frame dragon runs inside of me... What is it that an imbecile like you... Hey! Wait! I'm still talking!!
Card Nplus You area family of the evil king dragon after all. Evil king dragon and evil flame dragon, are destined to be bound to each other! S... so well... my... I...
Card N2plus kkkkkkkk... I have awakened to be with you even after life, evil king dragon. Oh! No! Don't touch... not yet! I'm still... AAAAHHHH!
Pham of Crimson Flame Icon Pham of Crimson Flame
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