After Comrades?

You can visit this page: LoVPlayers.

By visitting this page you get info on many players, adding your info if you want comrades, share your referral links and more.

A Note by JorgeFFC

Another option to go after comrades is by visit the chat, higher level players are always active there answering new players questions/doubts. The people on the chat usually talk about the game, but when they have a free spot they announce there to others.

Lord Of Valkyrie Chatango

The advantages of being a chat player:

- Announce Bosses

- If you have a comrade list actually from chat, you can ask for help to fast drop a boss health before it rots and so on.

- Easy to check who's online or have higher activity(comparing their activity with your, or the time they stay online in the chat).

- Good to spend some time and discuss about different games and things with others