After Comrades?

You can visit this page: LoVPlayers. By visitting this page you get info on many players(and can add yourself if you want) adding info if you want comrades, share your referral links and things.

Have some doubt's about the game? Come into our chat to talk with some experient and addicted players.

Come along =P. LoVChatango.

We're still adding info, but we're trying to add mostly things we already have in the ported to english version, if have much more doubts, visit the jp wiki, it's accurate but has 2 years ahead of us.

Visit: Official Jp Wiki. They have much more info than our actual wiki, you can help translating and adding here, but try to keep it at what we already got in the game or may confuse some players when they read things like unique cards from there...

Still with doubts?

Visit some useful forums to get info and see other people comments on the game. We have 2, Hongfire and ulmf.