Staff Officer Salas Icon Staff Officer SalasEdit

Element Critical Balance Skill Rank Cost Evolution Attack Skill
Type Initiative MP Cost LVL 1 LVL Max LVL 1 LVL Max
Water 13 6 Magic 23% 40 UC 8 N 1050 2892 1620 4336
UC+ 10 2S 1364 3757 2106 5637
2M 1838 5063 2810 7522
UC++ 12 4S 1648 4540 2543 6807
4B 2262 6231 3459 9259
4M 2524 6953 3837 10271
Skill Name Sharp Punch
Exploration Characteristics No skills
Where to acquire Megaboss Rank 9 - Glimmer (Earth) (support reward)
Megaboss Rank 9 - Glimmer (Water) (support reward)
Quest - Forest of Dancing Phoenix, Stage 6
Sale price (N/+/++) 1200/2400/3600
N Ooohhh. It wasn't so bad to be in cage... but I'm so excited to meet a cute student like you...
+ Teacher doesn't care about the war. Don't just lie... Yours is so hard already... Bad boy...
++ Foof. Good boy.. Your frightened face is making me wet... Let me give you a very special lecture...
Staff Officer Salas
Staff Officer Salas
Staff Officer Salas++

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