Storm Princess Erika Icon Storm Princess ErikaEdit

Rarity : Super Rare    |    Type : Magic

Element Crit. Bal. Skill Rank Cost Evo. Attack Skill
Init. MP LVL 1 LVL Max LVL 1 LVL Max
Wind 50 20 27 36% 100 SR 32 N 1990 5305 3440 9171
SR+ 38 2S 2587 6896 4472 11922
2M 3448 9192 5962 15894
SR++ 46 4S 3124 8328 5400 14396
4B 4244 11314 7337 19560
4M 4704 12540 8132 21679
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  • Element X: Increase damage of the card by X% against enemies with a weakness on Element.
  • Critical: Percentage chance to trigger a critical hit (ignore enemy defense).
  • Balance: Damage variance in percent, above and below the displayed attack/skill values.
  • Initiative: Percentage chance to trigger the skill attack.
  • MP Use: MP used on your character when the skill of the card is triggered.
  • Cost: Charisma points required to field the card on your team (also used to calculate exploration cost).
  • Evolution: Learn more about evolving possibilities here.
  • Attack: Base damage when initiative fail to trigger the skill.
  • Skill: Base damage when initiative successfully trigger the skill.
  • Red&Bold numbers: Highest attack/skill damage obtainable through evolution.
Level Max SR: 50 / SR+: 50 / SR++: 50
Skill Name God of Wind (志那都比古神)
Exploration Skill Combat Strength +(2000/4000/6000)
Sale price SSR: 9,600G / SSR+: 19,200 / SSR++: 28,800
H-Scene ? Unlocked on SR++ Rank
Where to acquire ?

Gold Card Lottery
Lottery Miles Exchange

※ Rebirth ? Japanese game: yes
Japanese wiki links 暴風乙姫エリカ / Google Translation
Card N Hey, show me your thingy. You think you are gonna save the world with THAT? Huh?
Card Nplus Ffff... Where are you looking? You're at war constantly. It's putting so much frustration on you... But not just yet...
Card N2plus Kffff... Pieces of you are running so wild deep under my belly... Horny Knight has got a very brave one.
Storm Princess Erika Icon Storm Princess Erika
Princess of Summer Erika icon Princess of Summer Erika
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