Sword of Spring Wind Miu Icon Sword of Spring Wind MiuEdit

Element Type Critical Balance Initiative MP Rank Cost Evolution Attack Skill Max Attack Max Skill
Wind Physical 10 10 28% 25 UC 3 N 475 940 1178 2149
UC+ 4 2S 616 1222 1528 2794
2M 804 1556 1995 3558
UC++ 5 4S 774 1476 1846 3375
4B 988 1912 2452 4372
4M 1082 2064 2685 4720
Max level
Skill name Vacuum Cut (真空破斬)
Exploration skill none
Sale price 450/900/1350
Where to acquire
Japanese wiki link 春風の剣士ミュウ
Card N Hi~ Yes, I'm Miu! So your the next commander, right? Oh it's ve~ry nice to meet you~!
Card Nplus Commander! (Guuf) Meow~ Commander smells like sunshine.. Care me on your back! It feels really good...
Card N2plus It's very warm... It was scary at first but it's cute~! Because it looks like a turtle... Ehehe...
Sword of Spring Wind Miu Icon Sword of Spring Wind Miu
Miu, the wind swordsman icon Miu, The Wind Swordsman
A11 Aa2 Aa3
no differences with the original version of the game

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