Tsukasa of Azure Spear Icon Tsukasa of Azure SpearEdit

Element Critical Balance Skill Rank Cost Evolution Attack Skill
Type Initiative MP Cost LVL 1 LVL Max LVL 1 LVL Max
Earth 15 13 Physical 34% 40 UC 8 N 800 2297 1580 4845
UC+ 10 2S 1040 2986 2054 6299
2M 1418 4072 2864 8783
UC++ 12 4S 1256 3607 2479 7603
4B 1748 5020 3533? 10835
4M 1966 5646 4031 12363
Skill Name War Spear
Exploration Characteristics No skills
Where to acquire Normal Lottery
Quest - Windy Cave, Boss
Quest - Forest of Morning Fog, Boss
Quest - Temple of the Water Spirits, Boss
Quest - Coast of Twilight, Boss
Megaboss Rank 6 - Earth Evil Eye (main reward)
Exploration: Jiin Plateau - Ramudan Village (Great Success)
Sale price (N/+/++) 1200/2400/3600
N Oh hey you! You are the knight to save this world, right? That's way cool. I'm going to help you as well, so let's make this happen!
+ Ouch! I've got scratches on my back... Oh, it's fine... Wait... No, it's okay... Touching there... Ohhhhh.
++ ... why are you looking? I know my body isn't feminine... Hey wait... what... are... Ohhh... That's... cheating...

Trivia Edit

  • Her Skill Name in the Japanese version is called Geirskögul.

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